Frequently Asked Questions

If you are having issues with signing up, please email us at:

What methods of payment are available?

We accept the major credit cards - Visa, Master Card, AMERICAN EXPRESS, we accept PayPal and all payments are secured through the website. Where is my delivery?

How do I track my package?

Immediately, after the package has been shipped from our warehouse, a tracking number will be issued and emailed straight to you. Typically, we use Canadapost, UPS, or dhl depending on the price and where the packages are going. A typical email will layout what is in the package, in addition to who it was sent by and its tracking details.

How long does it take to get to me?

For orders going to our US/Canada customers: It typically takes 10-14 business days to get from our warehouse to your front door. For orders going to our International customers: On average, it takes 14 business days to get from our warehouse to your mailbox. 

Changes and Cancellations?

You may cancel your order any time before the order is processed. Once the order is shipped, you will receive, via email, a shipping confirmation that contains tracking information. Once a product is shipped, the Return and Exchange Policy will apply. STYLISHME may cancel orders for any reason. Some common situations in which orders are cancelled may include: The item is out of stock and there are no plans of restocking it, pricing errors or credit card payment is declined by the issuing financial institution.

What happens if I have a mistake in my order?

If you catch it before we ship we will gladly do whatever we can to catch and change your order.If it is a mistake made by shipping on our end you have ten days to file a claim with us and we will rectify the situation at our cost.

Do you have an app for that?

Unfortunately, at this time we do not have an app for that. We are working on it though! ——————————————————————————————————————————

Where can I find product materials on your website?

All fabric and materials content can be found when clicking on any piece for further information. On the right hand side of the page, under description, all the necessary info can be found.

How do the clothes fit?

Please check the size chart and pay attention to the product description. This is the standardized size chart that we use to ensure that our customers are getting the right products for their end customers. Should you have any further questions about fit or size, please email, 

What size is OS?

Typically, OS, or One Size, is a medium size that is a loose fit.

What are your best sellers?

These are constantly changing! We send out an email each week with news, trends, and of course, all the new arrivals. Make sure that you sign up to receive newsletter so you can keep up to date with stylishme SALES!


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